IC 03

Vanquishing the extremes with SICS

Dr. Anup Chirayath
6 Talks


Dr. Haripriya Aravind
Management of subluxated cataracts using capsular stabilization devices in SICS
Dr. Jyothi Anup
SICS in very large eyes: What to expect and be prepared for
Dr. J K Reddy
SICS in cataract after refractive surgery: Avoiding pitfalls
Dr. Saikumar S J
SICS in cataracts after Vitreous surgery: Treading with caution
Dr. Radharamanan B
SICS following trabeculectomy/with trabeculectomy
Dr. Minu Mathen
When and how to convert-SICS to ECCE: The nuances
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