AS 02

Padma Sri Dr Tony Fernandez Video Film Award Free Paper Session

11 Talks


Seeing double after sinus surgery!
Interventions in Valsalva retinopathy- medical and surgical management
Ciliary staphyloma and Retinal detachment: ‘Hit two birds with one stone’!
Taking the Bull by the Horns
“Double Trouble: Retinal detachment with macular hole”
Beneath Cloudy Skies: Alternate Surgical Techniques for Cataract Surgery with Corneal Pathology
A tear in the eye is the wound of the heart (Video presentation on Canalicular Repairs - Lid lacerations)
With high blood pressure and high intraocular pressure comes great responsibility for an ophthalmologist. And with maximum medical treatment responsibility increases! The way forward?
Be Smart-Teach Smart
Lifting the veil
MIGS. Learning the tricks
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